Volunteer Information

Volunteers are what make Consignment Events possible!! Your help is greatly appreciated!  As our sale grows, so will our need for more volunteers, and we want you to be rewarded for your help!

**You need to log in to your Consignor Page to register for a Volunteer Shift.**

The consignor fee is not due up front, it will be taken out of your earnings.


If you're only looking to consign, and not volunteer, you will earn 70% of the selling price of your items. At the end of the sale, before your check is issued, a $12 advertising and venue fee will also be taken out.

Promoting Consignor

Consigning, not volunteering, but you promote the sale on your social media.

You will save $2 from your consignor fee.


Team Member

Consign plus Volunteer for 3 hours. Earn 75% of selling price of your items.

You will still have a $12 consignor fee ($10 if promoting).

Team Builder

Consignor that does not volunteer but invites 1 friend that registers as a consignor and brings 50 items to the sale.

You will earn 75% and pay a $12 consignor fee ($10 if promoting).


Super Team Members

Consignors who Volunteer for 6hrs.

Earn 75% of the selling price of your items.

Get your $12 consignor fee waived.

Shop 1st...Even before New/Expectant Moms!!   

Super Team Builder

No Volunteer hours, but invite 3 friends who EACH register as consignors and BRING 50 items to the sale

You will earn 75%, pay no fee, and shop first!


**A combination of these benefits (3 hours plus 2 friends) will also be a Super Team Member/builder** 75% and no fee.


Make sure if you refer a friend, that in the registration box when it asks how they heard about the sale, they put your full name so you get credit!