How to prepare your items:

  • Select your very best.  Only items that are new or in gently used condition.  We will not sell anything that looks extremely worn, stained or damaged.  Clothing needs to be freshly cleaned, as wrinkle free as possible, and fresh smelling.  The better your clothes look and smell, the better they will sell!  We will be checking each item before putting it on the racks to sell, and not offer for sale items if defects are found.         

  • All consigned items must be clean and work properly. 

​Clothes and Shoes

  • Presentation is important! Items sell best if you tie bows, snap snaps, button all buttons, and zip up zippers.

  • Please have all hangers facing the same direction, with the open end facing left like a question mark  ?

  • Price tags need to be safety pinned or fixed on with a tagging gun to the item's right when you are looking at the item.  No straight pins or staples!! 

  • Pants MUST be pinned to the TOP of a hanger, NOT the bottom or folded over the bottom. They simply won't sell if the shoppers can't see them! 

  • Shoes need to be zip-tied together through the lace holes, or placed in a zip lock bag.  The price tag can be taped securely to the bottom of the shoe, safety pinned through the laces, or placed inside the zip lock bag.  There are no limits to the number of shoes that you can bring. 

  • Matching accessories should be secured to the outfit with safety pins (i.e. hats, ties, bows, bibs, etc).


>Hangers-any will work

>Safety pins or tagging gun

>Tape-packing & masking

>Zip ties for shoes

>Zip-lock bags

**Most of these can be purchased at the Dollar Tree!**


Toys, Books, Puzzles, DVD's, etc.

  • Be sure that games and puzzles have all their pieces, then tape the box closed so it does not get spilled. For board puzzles, either place inside a large zip-lock bag, or secure with regular plastic wrap so no pieces are lost. Tape the plastic wrap in place. 

  • Toys must have working batteries to be sold.  

  • Clear packing tape can be used to attach tags to items when safety pins are not an option (i.e. , toys, shoes, etc).

  • Please use masking or painter's tape on books, as packing tape can tear the covers when removing tags. Books can also be placed in large zip-lock bags in sets or groups.

  • Zip lock bags can be used to secure small or multiple items.  Place the price tag on the inside of the zip lock bag and zip it.  Tape the bag shut.

  • Please be sure DVDs are in their correct cases and unscratched, but do not tape them shut, we will be checking them and tape them. 


There are many websites with charts to help you decide the best price for your item to help it sell quickly. Keep in mind the original value, and set aside emotional attachment to set a fair price. We have set the minimum price of items to $1.00. Please group lesser valued items together in order to bring the value of the unit to that minimum. Price your items in increments of $0.50. Be sure to indicate if you want your items to be discounted for the last day of the sale, and if they will be donated or returned.

-Please include as much detail as possible in your description lines. This will help if your tag comes off and we need to match it to your item. NO items without tags will be sold!!

-Hangers will be sold with the items and not returned to you. All hangers are acceptable for you to use. Ask at store checkouts if they have any to give you, Kmart is usually awesome for this! :)


We will be inspecting all items at drop-off, and we reserve the right to reject any item due to being out-of-date, unclean, stained or ripped. The unaccepted items will be returned to the consignor unless they have been marked "donate." 


We will NOT be accepting:

Clothing that is stained/ripped

Out of season or out dated clothes

Car seats that will expire within a year

Cribs with drop sides

Stuffed Animals

VHS Tapes


Email with any questions! Don't hesitate to ask!

Elizabeth & Sarah