What we are accepting for our

Spring/Summer Family Event

*Baby Equipment-cribs (NO drop sides), bouncers, strollers, etc.

*Kids' clothes & shoes

*Maternity and Postpartum-Boppy pillows, slings and wraps, etc.

     -Due to health/safety regulations, used breast pumps are no longer allowed to

     be sold, even with new fittings/tubes. If you are in need of a breast pump, please      contact us and we can help.


*Kids' books

*Coats, boots, hats and gloves

*Nursery and general household decor

*Ladies clothing and shoes (in excellent condition and current fashion), jewelry and accessories

We will NOT be accepting:

Clothing that is stained/ripped-

      Please doubt check your items, we will not sell damaged items.

Out of season or outdated clothes

Car seats that will expire within a year

Cribs with drop sides

Stuffed Animals

VHS Tapes


Tools-(sorry guys)

-Baby Items- Anything and everything you need for Baby!! (Link at the bottom for Recall list)    *Cloth diapers in like-new condition     *Breast pumps     *Strollers     *Exersaucer/walkers    *Swings    *Jumpers     *Car seats  *Carriers/slings   *Bath tubs    *New soaps/lotions   

*Cribs-NO drop sides!   *Changing Tables    *Nursery bedding and decor


-Maternity and Postpartum-Snoogle/Pregnancy pillows, Boppy pillows, slings and wraps, maternity clothes.

-Clothing -Must be in new or gently-used condition, freshly laundered.

    Maternity-All Sizes

    Children's-Newborn-size 18

    Junior/Youth- Please remember that teens can be choosy with their clothing, so these   

    items only sell if they are VERY trendy and in great condition. 

    Ladies'-All sizes, current or classic style

    Men's-All sizes, current or classic style


-Vacation items- swimsuits, sandals, beach bags, sand toys

-Toys/games -Must be in complete working order and clean.

     *Only stuffed animals being accepted must DO something, battery operated.

     *All battery operated toys must have working batteries

     *All toys, games and puzzles must be complete

-Books-Please keep them children and pregnancy/parenting themed (for example no romance novels)

-Dress-up clothes and costumes

-Shoes/Boots-Must be in new or gently-used condition, clean, and in current or classic style. 

    Children’s, Juniors', Ladies', & Men's- All Sizes

-Jewelry-Please place necklaces and bracelets in zip-lock backs. They will be pinned to display boards. Please place the tag inside the bag. 


-Accessories-Must be in new/gently-used condition and in current style.        

    *Purses   *Wallets    *Pretty Scarves    *Hair Accessories    *Belts


-Outer Wear-Must be in new or gently-used condition, in style, freshly laundered or dry cleaned. Season appropriate, please. Hats, gloves, scarves.

    Children’s through adults-All Sizes


-Dance/Cheer/Gymnastics and Martial Arts/Sports, etc.- Any clothing for hobbies and extracurricular-New and gently used


-Nursery and household furniture and decor-Must be in new or gently-used condition, clean, and in current or classic style. 

     *Nursery bedding, lamps, wall hangings, etc.

     *Bedroom: Nightstands, jewelry boxes, mirrors, bedding sets, throw pillows

     *Bathroom: themed sets

     *Please keep these items modern or classic in style, and no knick-knacks/tchotchkes

smaller than your hand. Small furniture that can fit in a car and be moved by 1-2 people. 

****We reserve the right to reject items that are not in exceptional condition

or that have not met our criteria****

~~~If you have any questions just call, no concern is too small! ~~~


YOU MUST make sure that none

of your items have been Recalled:  http://www.cpsc.gov/